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In Kenosha, there's no lawn care company better than Happy Turf. We do all types of lawn services, including weed control, grub control, fertilizing, aeration, seeding, insect/pest control, and much more. Don't just take our word for it. Take a look below to see some real reviews left by real people in the Kenosha area!

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Lawn Service - the best!

We offer one of the best lawn services in Kenosha that can make your lawn turn into a beautiful, green and thick showcase. We can also control weeds with our highly effective and, dare we say, best weed control program on the market! Try out our full program and we'll prove it!

Kenosha lawns

Located right HERE in Kenosha, Happy Turf can help every lawn turn into a thick, green, and healthy lawn!! Happy Turf, a local lawn care company, can control weeds and green up your lawn! Large lawns, small lawns, again it doesn't matter! Happy Turf lawn care is ready and able to help out with any size property, helping lawns become weed-free and green!

Lawn services and more

Our lawn care services are centered around our fertilizer and weed control program. With our fertilizer and weed control program, we can help control weeds so that your lawn is just that, a lawn!

creeping charlie control Kenosha, get rid of creeping charlie Kenosha Creeping Charlie, dandelions, clover, and thistles?
Our full lawn program GUARANTEES it.
dandelion control Kenosha, get rid of dandelions Kenosha

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Happy Turf - Kenosha

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Kenosha weed control, Kenosha lawn aeration

Yes, these are real lawns that we serviced.
Happy Turf makes happy lawns, and happy people!

Kenosha lawn service - we CARE!

Not every lawn service in Kenosha can be trusted, so that's why finding a lawn company that has excellent reviews is important. Our clients have spoken and have rated Happy Turf highly in Kenosha, WI.

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We have one location that houses our office and shop.

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Lawn care - Grub Control
Lawn care - Aeration or Aeration Overseed
Tree care - Fertilization, Insect, & Disease Control
Tree care - Mosquito Control
Tree care - Japanese Beetle Control

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